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Compliance Practices - Jeremiah Associates Training Program

With the accelerated speed of communication and automation of transaction processing, potential for fraudulent or other criminal activities increases if not properly monitored. Topics examined are trade jumping, dormant accounts, suspense accounts, parking, interest payment &dividends receivables.

Fundamentals of the Banking Industry- Jeremiah Associates

The global credit crisis has focused on banking & brokerage firms, their products & revenues. Topics include an overview of banking, regulations & current situation under the holding company structure. Hear about types of banking institutions, major services performed, operations issues and trends.

BondTrade Lifecycle - Jeremiah Associates Training Program

Learn how Operations supports processing various bond products. Track activities associated with a fixed income trade, from initiation to execution & settlement. Learn the details of processing fixed income products & the roles played by participating clearing corporations, the Fedwire and DTC.

Equity Trade Lifecycle -Jeremiah Associates Training Program

Explore activities of an equity trade, from order through execution to settlement. Review equity products – common and preferred shares, rights, warrants & depositary receipts. Learn about indications of interest, order validation, order routing, confirm/affirm, comparison, clearance & settlement.

Global Trading, Settlement and Custody -Jeremiah Associates

Review process details, from investment decision to indication of interest, order routing, execution & settlement from perspectives of a B/D, investor & custodian. Explore industry service organizations, e.g., CSDs, global services providers & continuous linked settlement. Cover risk & mitigation.