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We knew genuine presence would be a key component in successful remote identity verification platform. Having worked with iProov for more than a year, we continue to be impressed with the technology and the company’s responsiveness as a strategic partner

Mission Statement

iProov offers the first large-scale biometric genuine presence assurance technology for organisations that require indisputable proof of identity to deliver secure services remotely. The company’s patented AI deep learning technology assures that a user’s face is genuinely present when scanned on a mobile device and matched to an official identity document, compliant with international standards.

Applications such as ID verification, border control, customer authentication, onboarding, and access control all benefit from iProov’s innovative biometric authentication process. Organisations demanding a combination of high security with customer usability, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.K. Home Office, European and Asia-Pacific governments, and financial services and healthcare providers, depend on iProov to validate genuine identity and strengthen consumer trust online.


iProov offers biometric genuine presence assurance technology for organizations that require indisputable proof of identity to deliver secure services remotely.

Applications such as ID verification, border control, onboarding, and access control all benefit from iProov’s innovative biometric authentication process.


iProov delivers biometric authentication in a unique, secure and highly usable way:

– Accessibility and inclusion: iProov has been designed to offer secure services to citizens and customers that address visual, auditory, cognitive and mobility impairments across personal devices as well as kiosks.

– Effortless user experience: The interface has been purposely built to be uncomplicated for users. Authentication does not require reading or obeying instructions, therefore making it exceptionally user friendly. iProov can be used on any device and rebinding does not require the user to re-enrol.

– Unrivalled spoof attack detection: Enhanced detection and protection against impersonation attacks such as masks, doctored videos or highly scalable replay attacks i.e. the injection of recorded or deep fake synthetic video.

– Cloud based solution: Enables rapid deployment and constant defence. In addition, iProov does not rely on the user’s device for security, thus removing the risk from compromised devices or sensors.

– Device and platform agnostic: Users can seamlessly authenticate themselves on any device with a front facing camera including fixed kiosks. iProov is available on Web, iOS, Android and supports Xamarin.


iProov’s founder and CEO, Andrew Bud, set up iProov to solve a very specific problem: how there can be trust and security in remote digital transactions. Experiencing an attack, and its fallout, in his previous industry in Mobile, Andrew learned a lesson: the crucial importance of good, strong authentication. Simple enough to serve the needs of impatient mobile users, but secure enough to withstand the attention of even the most determined, sophisticated attackers.Solving the SMS problem was straightforward. Solving the app and web problem was not. A new kind of solution was needed – intuitive, simple to use, cross-platform, impervious to compromise of the device or its software and immune to phishing. How might this be achieved?

The answer became iProov.

iProov continues to be trusted throughout the online ecosystem by delivering authentication and verification simply and securely, based on a genuine one-time biometric. Ensuring the genuineness of a biometric is and will continue to be one of the great continuing challenges for the online ecosystem.

iProov will continue to lead by meeting that challenge, through unceasing research and development, observing and adapting to the changing threats and through collaboration with a worldwide network of trusted partners.


Secure digital or public service access – Enable citizens to enrol and access services quickly, safely and conveniently.

Remote border access – Authenticating citizen identity at unsupervised borders with minimal effort, reduced cost and time.

Traveller verification – Provide fully automated traveller check-in using a government issued ID on any device or at a kiosk.

Patient health record access – Protect access to patient health records, by providing access to approved personnel only (medical practitioners and/or the individual patient).

Digital customer onboarding – Meet remote, automated KYC regulatory requirements while reducing operating costs and offering a smooth customer experience. Digital identity Enable individuals to be authenticated against an approved ID and then control the sharing of all or some of their personal data with third parties.

Physical access management – Assure the genuine presence of the right person, and grant them relevant access. Age verification Proof of age and identity for age dependent e-commerce transactions e.g. prescription drugs.


iProov is a fast-growing UK cyber-security business based in London, founded to solve a deeply complex challenge: how can we trust in the genuine presence of a remote user? Technology-enabled attacks on digital identity has become commonplace through the use of replayed past authentication claims, compromised devices and the emerging threat of synthetic video, sometimes called “Deep Fake”. With global financial institutions increasingly reliant on remote face verification to link users to government-issued identity documents, the problem of digital identity theft represents a systemic threat to banks and governments.

iProov is a simple and highly secure method to solve this problem. We focus on delivering the twin goals of trusted security and outstanding user experience. Our unique approach to spoof prevention, covered by numerous granted patents, our world-class deep learning technologies and our focus on sustainable security have given us an unrivalled global reputation. We use a process of controlled illumination of the user’s device screen, which allows us to detect and prevent all known attack vectors including masks, replay attacks, compromised devices, and – critically – the emerging threat of Deep Fake artificial video.


Andrew Bud CBE FEIT, Founder & CEO
Joe Palmer, President of iProov Inc
Dominic Forrest, CTO
Matthew Pearch, Commercial Director
Dr Andrew Newell, Chied Scientific Officer
Aarti Samani, SVP Product & Marketing
Luke Moore, SVP Revenue