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Mubarak Al Kabeer Street ITS Tower, Kuwait City P.O.Box: 26729 Safat 13128 Kuwait
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OFFICE ADDRESS: Le President Tower, 4th, 5th and 6th floor, Bldg.#2347, St. 2830, Bl. 428, Seef District P.O. Box: 1344 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

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OFFICE ADDRESS: 71 Mosadaq St., Export Development Bank, 1st and 2nd floor, Giza, Dokki P.O. Box: 12311 Cairo, Eygpt

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ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street,

ITS Qatar Office

ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street

ITS Dubai Office

OFFICE ADDRESS: Gulf Towers, 5th A2, near Canadian Specialist Clinic, Oud Metha Road P.O. Box: 8687 Dubai, UAE

ITS Riyadh Office

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Free zone, Street 11, Block H
Nasr City




Samer N Eid
[email protected]


  ETHIX-Core is the main part of ETHIX Financial Solution; it consists of sub- modules like ETHIX-GL, ETHIX-Client, ETHIX-Accounts. ETHIX-Core is an integrated client / server banking environment with a worldwide user-base of over150 customers – and growing. ETHIX-Core is also implemented and running live in 28 customer sites (of which 18 are Islamic banks) …


TOTALLY SEPARATE DATABASE (BO) The format for Balance Sheets and Income Statements are defined by the banks’ requirements. Once the format has been created, a parameterized script will automate all calculations. At the end of every month, information is stored for future analysis. All different types of information can be stored. Security permissions are on …


The power and marketplace position of a Financial Institution can be maintained by focusing on operational expenditure through controlling the production costs and reducing the losses. ETHIX-Collect (Collections) is used as a debt management tool to follow up and collect the funds – amounts in arrears- in a specific time and with the minimum cost. …


ETHIX-Folio is a comprehensive solution designed to provide leading-edge automation of Managing the Assets of bank’s as well as customers Portfolios. This solution enables banks and investment institutions to manage their own assets as well as their customers assets. ETHIX-Folio design offers a streamlined system from the front-end application to the back office operations with …


ETHIX-Fund enables the Bank/ Investment Institutions to set up Funds as a separate legal entity with its own assets and liabilities’ structures, separated from the books of the Bank/Investment companies. The system provides the option to set up different types of Funds based on the following Fund Classications. Equity fund Money market fund Hybrid Fund …


ETHIX-Sukuk is the system of choice for banks and financial institutions that want to cut cost and time by consolidating their investment business into a single platform allowing ease of access. ETHIX-Sukuk is a comprehensive and highly customizable system that enables banks and investment institutions to manage the full cycle of Issuance of Sukuk and …


ETHIX-Treasury handles the Islamic instruments in the following markets Fixed Income and Money Market Foreign Exchange Market Capital Market Fixed Income and Money Market products involve short-term borrowing and lending based on maturities with time frames equal to one year or shorter. These products are based on the below Islamic contracts: Commodity Murabaha Reverse Murabaha …


Financial institutions today are faced with an increasingly challenging environment to run their business in; on one hand, customer expectations include availability of numerous communication and delivery channels, a wide range of competitive product offerings and same day approvals. On the other hand, banks face the challenge of managing sales and credit risk in rapidly …

ETHIX Digital - Mobile

Solutions for the Digital Age ETHIX Mobile is an aordable, integrated Retail Mobile Banking solution that ensures optimum levels of performance, stability, and security, as well as an exceptional user experience. The solution allows banks to provide their customers with secure, 24×7 access to their account information and to perform banking functions- all from their …

ETHIX Digital -NET

Solutions for Competitive Advantage ETHIX Digital-Net, part of the ETHIX Digital Solutions range, can be integrated into any core banking system, and allows banks to serve, communicate, and market to their customers faster and more cost effectively than ever before. ETHIX Digital-Net provides customers with improved security, stability and high performance on PC’s, smart phones …


ETHIX Finance  Adapt | Innovate | Deliver The fully Shari’ah-compliant ETHIX-Finance Module is designed to meet the needs of today’s Islamic banking and finance industry. Designed with a focus on ensuring a short time to market and low cost of ownership, the ETHIX Finance Module facilitates product and service innovation, and allows organizations to focus …


CORPORATE SERVICES & ETHIX-SALARY The Salary & Settlement functionality represents one of most important non-core banking facilities in your bank. It handles the salary functions in the bank for all your corporate customers. Therefore, it is considered vital and of great importance to your bank as it completes your bank’s main banking functions and offers …


ETHIX-Provision is a comprehensive end-to end solution that is rich in functionality; it is flexibly configured because of the high parameterization of all of its functionalities. The solution addresses automated provision calculation requirements to improve the decision-making process related to banks financial policies. GENERAL FEATURES Supports Central Bank Provisioning Rules Cash and Non-Cash deals provisioning …


 ETHIX-Trade Module manages trade-related instrument processing, connects your bank to the SWIFT and networks, and provides a link between your bank and its clients. ETHIX-Trade is a Windows-based trade fnance software that automates all trade fnance transactions to enable easy, fast and secure data input and output generation. Designed to endure the test of customer …

ETHIX- PCD (Profit Calculation & Distribution)

Profit distribution is a very critical function, which has large effect on the bank’s reputation and market share. Most of the customers, depositors and investors are always looking for a low risk investment with a higher profit rate, to secure their money with a good return. Few investors have an appetite for higher risk investments. …


BRANCH OPERATIONS AND ETHIX-BRANCH Backed up by its long and extensive experience in the banking sector, ITS has developed the contemporary ETHIX-Branch. ETHIX-Branch is designed to meet the needs of the front and back office teller operations. ETHIX-Branch is an application suite for retail banking, primarily a data entry, retrieval, and presentation system that interfaces …


Data Archiving is a process of ooading the unused/inactive/dormant data from the online database and store it in an alternate storage system, such as magnetic tapes or hard disks. Archiving has many advantages like performance improvement, availability of storage space, reduced maintenance costs, etc. Though archiving has advantages, organizations cannot create archives at any time …

ETHIX Digital Channels

ETHIX Digital Channels Secure | Seamless | Customized The ­financial services industry is on the cusp of complete transformation. Access to more data, and the availability of new technologies amongst other factors, has led to customers demanding a more customized, immediate and frictionless banking experience. ETHIX Digital Channels enables banks to serve their Corporate, Retail …


Bringing ‘Mini Branches’ to Life The eXtreme Teller Machine, or XTM, is an innovative delivery channel, and a key pillar of the bank digitalization era. As an alternative to the traditional bank branch, the XTM elevates any bank into the digital world, utilizing the current customer-base and attracting new customers fast. ETHIX XTM is in …