Online banking built for modern businesses.

Mission Statement

Your entire business banking toolkit in one place.


Intergiro offers you a one-stop-shop for all your banking needs. Our customers have access to multi-currency accounts, card issuing and card acquiring solutions across Europe.


– Multi-currency business accounts (hold and switch between multiple currencies in seconds with low, transparent fees)

– Integrated PSP (unlike other providers, we offer business banking and merchant services all in one platform)

– Smart spending cards (clients can easily track and monitor employee spending across all payment channels – online or offline)


Intergiro was conceived in 2017 to help new internet business models thrive. The founding team and their network were a group of creative and rebellious misfits. The ambitious plan we now call Intergiro, and it’s a purpose-built cloud financial toolkit so innovators, creatives and change-makers can build, adapt and thrive in this digital age.


Banking is necessary, banks are not.