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Yelena Balashchenko
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EAS Expense Allocation System

IntegriDATA EAS addresses the challenges of allocating expenses from invoice capture to GL booking and reimbursement. EAS acts as an intercompany expense subledger improving expense allocation efficiency and accuracy, helping to ensuring regulatory compliance.

CAARS Collateral Management System

CAARS is a comprehensive web-based collateral management and margin processing solution. It was designed by IntegriDATA, a leading New York City-based consulting group. The goal of the application is to improve the overall efficiency, controls, and capabilities associated with collateral management and margin processing for OTC derivatives. CAARS Collateral Management System includes a controlled end-to-end exception based workflow from …

CashWire Payment Management System

CashWire addresses the challenges associated with the overall cash wire movement process – from request, to approval, and then onto settlement. CashWire provides the highest level of security, control and transparency through the centralization of standing instructions and wire movements.

Co2RE Operational Infrastructure Review

Co2RE Review is IntegriDATA’s proprietary service that enables investment managers to proactively address the challenges to their operational infrastructures brought to the surface by evolving markets, investor concern and impending regulations. Co2RE Review consists of an enterprise wide intensive analysis and evaluation of an investment manager’s key infrastructure components: business processes; system interfaces; reports and data; …

Investran Implementation and Consulting

IntegriDATA provides expert Investran services, including system implementation and customization, maintenance, batch cycle monitoring, upgrades, report writing, periodic high-volume data loading, and interfaces into and out of the system. While we have an extensive knowledge of Investran, what differentiates us is that our team first held critical business and technology roles in the money management business. We’ve brought …