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Inmatrix Inc. Head Office

2121 N. California Blvd., Suite 290
Walnut Creek


61 3 9686 7444


Ricky Smorgon
[email protected]

Inmatrix Portfolio Strategist

Portfolio Strategist will allow you to: ✓Improve commercial credit quality ✓Increase revenue & profitability ✓Enhance customer satisfaction and retention ✓Enhance Regulatory compliance ✓Increase cross-selling opporty ✓Establish consistency in performance

Inmatrix Optimist 7

Optimist is an internal credit risk management solution& a front-end relationship management tool- all in one dynamic software package.Optimist arms commercial bankers with vital financial analysis, diagnostic & communication tools to build,manage, and sustain a profitable commercial loan portfolio.

RMA Data Extract

Inmatrix has developed a RMA Extract Utility designed to support the extraction of data from Optimist. The utility is configurable by the user and automates the extraction of data from the Optimist database (or .opt files) and loads the resulting information into the specified RMA Database.