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Infor Global Solutions, UK Head Office

Infor, Phoenix Building, Central Blvd, Blythe Valley Business Park,

Infor Global Solutions, Global Headquarters Head Office

13560 Morris Road Suite 4100


0121 615 8000


Richard Moore
[email protected]


"We already knew that Infor was reliable, provided the attention we needed, and the cost was reasonable." —LARRY JOHNSON, SENIOR FINANCE DIRECTOR FOR GLOBAL OPERATIONS & REPORTING, WORLD VISION

Mission Statement

Infor is the third largest enterprise applications company globally. We combine global scale with industry focus to help 70,000 companies in 164 countries improve operations and drive growth. Our customers include:

8 of the top 10 aerospace companies
9 of the top 10 high tech companies
9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
80 of the top 100 automotive suppliers
19 of the top 35 retailers
9 of the top 20 electrical distributors
4 of the top 5 brewers
Over 1,100 apparel and footwear companies
Over 1,100 state and local government agencies
Over 3,000 financial services companies
Over 7,000 machinery manufacturers


Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping more than 70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations and drive growth.


Infor FMS SunSystems is a financial management solution with a 30-year history of helping companies manage business-critical financial operations. The solution will help you:

– Manage change with confidence
– Grow in any market
– Get rapid access to information
– Adapt to change without changing

Infor FMS SunSystems gives you an affordable, scalable solution that manages your needs today and as you grow.


Infor was founded in 2002. Through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, Infor has developed into the third larges enterprise applications provider.


Infor combines global scale with industry focus to deliver solutions that improve operations and drive growth. We offer solutions in areas including financial management, performance management, expense management, analytics, workforce management, ERP, CRM, supply chain management, enterprise asset management, and more.

Infor’s suite of interoperability and management services(ION) simplifies and automates the integration of Infor applications, even if they are running in the cloud, so you can
more quickly and easily connect, organize, analyze, and collaborate.


Improve operational performance
Drive growth
Deliver innovative solutions
Help customers quickly and easily connect, organize, analyze, and collaborate
Enable customers to solve critical business issues


Charles Phillips , Chief Executive Officer
Duncan Angove , President, Products, Marketing and Support
Raghavan Rajaji , Chief Financial Officer
Stephan Scholl , EVP, Global Field Operations
Soma Somasundaram , SVP, Global Product Development
Bruce Richardson , SVP and Chief Strategy Officer
Jim Byrnes , SVP, Global Services
Marylon McGinnis , SVP, Global Support
Mary Trick , SVP, Global License Management
and Maintenance
Kevin Samuelson , SVP, Mergers & Acquisitions
Gregory M. Giangiordano , SVP, General Counsel,
and Secretary
Pam Murphy , SVP, Corporate Operations
Glenn Goldberg , SVP, Human Resources