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Mike Beling
[email protected]

Low Latency Hosted Exchange/ECN/Liquidity Pool Connectivity

GuavaTech provides a sophisticated highly secure and resilient, ultra-low latency trading infrastructure covering the following on GuavaTech’s Exchange & Network Access: Cash Markets Derivatives Markets FX Solutions Bank and Liquidity Pools Brokers & Clearing firms ISVs & other Vendors.

Global Managed Service Provider for Trading Participants

Focused on customized IT for prop trading firms, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, BDs, FCMs via a highly secure & resilient, Ultra-Low Latency trading infrastructure covering networks, colo hosting services, Exchange/ECN/Liquidity Pool access, ISV facilitation, support, monitoring across 3 continents.

International collocation hosting services

Colocation Facilities and inter-city connections with Exchange/ECN/Liquidity Pool access, ISV facilitation as well as management, support and monitoring at the following regions serviced: Chicago New York Toronto/Montreal U.K. Germany Japan Hong Kong Singapore Australia