Mission Statement

GUAVAPAY takes payment service propositions beyond the frames of usual notion. The main vision of the company is to optimize of the technical resources to provide ergonomic solutions to customers, integrating all payment opportunities under one roof.
GUAVAPAY has built its innovative technology on a modular model and it enables it to open up the space for implementing various integrated payment solutions and products.


Guavapay is a payment processing company based in the UK. As the Principal Member and participant of payment networks Mastercard and UnionPay International and Visa payment schemes, as well Direct and Principal Member of payment networks SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments, BACS, and CHAPS, GUAVAPAY is fully compliant platform. Cutting-edge technology and enthusiastic team bring such products as BaaS platform, acquiring, digital banking, remittances platform, card processing solution.


The company was founded in 2017 as a UK-based card processing centre with premises based in Lithuania. The company provided card processing services to Banks as an outsourced partner.

In 2019 GUAVAPAY obtained a Small EMI license from FCA, and from this moment the company started its journey to take its stand among the array of global payment processing leaders.
Nowadays, the company has headquarters in London, Turkey, the USA, Canada, Lithuania, and Singapore.


GUAVAPAY’s focus is the development and provision of cutting-edge technology to provide customers with flexibility and agility in their business activities. We aim to bring a myriad of solutions to enable our customers for seamless services or enable them to build their own services on our platform via integration on the top of our regulated platform.