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GlobeTax Head Office

One New York Plaza
New York




Jules Funicella
[email protected]

Mission Statement

GlobeTax was founded in 1992 in response to a need in the marketplace for a comprehensive withholding tax reclaim processing service to satisfy all global investors.

As cross border withholding tax issues become increasingly complex and the volume of international investment continues to grow, GlobeTax strives to develop services which enable all financial industry participants to benefit from the recovery of excess withholding tax, and continues to expand into new markets. GlobeTax looks forward to the future and the role it will play in streamlining tax reclamation processes, while maintaining the same commitment to uncompromised excellence.


A primary driver of GlobeTax’s success is viewing each of our clients as partners.

Recovering over-withheld taxes can be challenging and requires a detailed understanding of the complex processes and requirements in each market. We simplify it by monitoring and coordinating the tax reclamation process from start to finish, beginning from the moment dividends or interest is paid on a foreign security.