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Global Insight Financial/Economic Data

Global Insight provides global coverage of financial and economic developments as they happen. Available through a variety of easy-to-use software packages and flexible data-delivery technologies, our data services ensure precision and reliability in clients’ most critical analytical applications.

Global Insight Stock Sector Service

Global Insight’s Stock Sector Service enables financial institutions to evaluate global sector dynamics, investment opportunities, and market risks. This product covers 70 industry sectors across 70 countries and provides clients with custom solutions to meet their specific information needs.

Global Insight Real Estate Service

Global Insight supplies valuable real estate market information including home prices, sales, affordability, monthly payments, mortgage originations on all levels, and delinquency and foreclosure rates on the state level. This information is available through the U.S. Regional Real Estate Service.

Global Insight Advanced Country Analysis and Forecast

This product is a comprehensive country intelligence service, including risk ratings for more than 200 countries. Our “Same-Day Analysis” and superior data and forecasting provide up to the minute analysis of breaking events and trends, allowing risk professionals to make timely, informed decisions.