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Andrej Zujev
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Mission Statement

FORBIS is an established leader among today’s software developers and suppliers in the banking sector not only in Lithuania but as well in the Baltic states and Russia. The company’s mission is creation, installation and servicing of the FORPOST banking information system. This system is the company’s main product. In modern banking a flexible and reliable information system employing state-of-the-art technologies is essential to a bank’s success.


FORPOST Banking Information System is the only integrated Retail & Wholesale core banking solution – so there is no need for Third Party software


FORBIS is distinguished for its infrastructure of software creation, installation and maintenance. The company’s practical approach towards its work has earned FORBIS the trust of its clients, because what they appreciate foremost is utilization of the most modern technologies and the reliability of the software created for them.


The company was established in 1990. The first implementation of the FORPOST system was performed in 1991 for the Latgalian Bank in Latvia. Since 1994 the system has been developed on the basis of the Oracle Relational Database Management System. The first installation of the BIS FORPOST version, which functions on the RDBMS Oracle foundation, was made in SNORAS Bank (Lithuania). Today Forbis serves 75% of the Lithuanian banking market.


The company’s focus is to provide its customers with automation solutions. FORBIS deals with professional business partners such as Oracle and Novell. Along with traditional products and services, the company offers most advanced technologies for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, credit card services, advanced client management system and much more. The system is fully integrated with external applications such as SWIFT and Reuters, and can be easily integrated with software made by other manufacturers.


The goal of FORBIS is the design and development of flexible bank information systems to satisfy the strictest business, technical and technological requirements.


The FORBIS company has been created by professionals who have extensive experience in developing, adapting and implementing information systems. Forbis Ltd develops and produces its software products, always employing state-of-the-art technologies.