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Fixnetix Head Quarters, London Head Office

4th Floor, 45 Moorfields

Boston, MA Office

99 Summer Street, Suite 1520

Fixnetix, Tokyo Office

3rd Floor Sanno Park Tower 2-11-1 Nagata-cho

New York, NY Office

Suite 2057 1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York


0203 0088990


Paul Ellis
[email protected]


Fixnetix has become the leading financial technology (Fintech) provider because of the people we select to represent our business. It’s ironic to rank the number one success factor for a technology vendor as man rather than machine.

Mission Statement

Fixnetix is as an award winning international technology vendor, supplying outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting, infrastructure connectivity and risk management to prominent Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Groups, Start Ups and Exchanges worldwide.

With the fastest and the most robust trading and data systems available in the Capital Markets, Fixnetix is a Vendor of Record (VOR) as well as a Network Service Provider (NSP) for the majority of Exchanges in Europe. We have progressed to being VOR and NSP for nine major American markets in addition to this.

Offering 24/7 support, our specialist team are equipped to cater to multiple asset classes including: Equities, Securities, Options, Futures, Bond Commodities and FX.


Fixnetix provides global managed services for low-latency trading, market data, hosting and connectivity in addition to risk management solutions for leading global banks, hedge funds and trading groups.


• Private & neutral infrastructure provider
• Unique, multi-vendor aggregation service
• Provider of Market data in both RAW and multiple common API formats
• Connected to all major European and North American Exchanges and MTF’s
• Outsourced hosting and connectivity services for market and prime brokers and their customers
• End-to-end SLAs
• Highly experienced team with a diverse background within the financial services


Fixnetix was founded in London, 2006, by three highly respected and expert members of the financial industry; Hugh Hughes, Paul Ellis, and Alasdair Moore. Their extensive combined experience in investment banking, technology and prime brokerage has enabled Fixnetix to be at the forefront of developing and providing dynamic products and solutions to meet the ever changing requirements of the banking industry.


Fixnetix is dedicated to the development of technologies that support the vast dynamics of the financial industry. Through strategic partnerships with data centres and telecommunication companies, along with targeted in-house advancements, Fixnetix has developed a range of Industry leading products and solutions:
iX-Direct and iX-Max for ultra-low latency market data; iX-eCute® for trading and risk execution ; Connectivity through our 10G Global backbone of 35+ data centres; @Source for colocation hosting; and iX-EMS for ultra-low latency real-time Risk and execution management, controlled through our GUI interface: iX-Eye.


To maintain efficient, effective and secure technology that caters to the requirements of the global banking community, whilst continually investing in innovation and serving our customers with the highest level of excellence.


• Hugh Hughes – Chairman, CEO & Founder
• Paul Ellis – SVP Business Development & Co-Founder
• Jason Mochine – Commercial Director
• Bron Ellis- Head of Account Management
• Bob Fuller – Chief Administration Officer
• Shaun Jackson – Director of Finance
• Dr Marcus Perrett – Director of Development
• Sam Hutchison – Director of Technical Services
• Angelo Preci – Managing Director of Operations, North America