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FIS (Open Test Solutions Belgium) Head Office

De Kleetlaan 6A
Diegem (Brussels)

FIS (Open Test Solutions Americas) Office

3050 South 35th Street

FIS (Open Test Solutions U.K.) Office

Pitreavie Ct, Dunfermline




Patrick Bossaert
[email protected]


Your Quality Confirmed

Mission Statement

Banks and payment providers are under constant public scrutiny. Whether it’s about paying or getting paid, there’s no room for compromise: the risk of bad publicity, reputational damage, loss of market share, customer churn and other adverse effects affecting the top line is far too great. Moreover, there’s new market entrants, strict rulebooks, scheme updates and innovations to take into account.

This is where testing comes into play. Testing is key in helping companies confirm quality, ensuring that their payment solutions adhere to governing specifications and creating a solid brand image. Because the payments world has its own characteristics, strict requirements, regulatory mandates, fast technology evolution, far-stretched security rules, mandatory certifications, tight deadlines, … It needs specialized test software, simulator tools and services designed for the fintech world.

Open Test Solutions is an FIS business line with more than 25 years of global expertise in payments testing. We provide the solutions that help you save time, optimize your investments, avoid unnecessary costs and unexpected delays. We work closely with our customers worldwide to make sure we understand their challenges, we build engagement and generate insights so we can deliver the solution that fits their business perfectly.

FIS has +55,000 worldwide employees and serves more than 20,000 clients in over 130 countries.


Open Test Solutions is an FIS business line providing test solutions and services for e-payment transactions. We help you save time and efficiently launch payment solutions. Working closely with global clients, we build engagement en generate insights that help us deliver solutions that fits their business perfectly.


* Confirm quality
* Reduce time-to-market
* Reduce costs
* Control complexities
* Facilitate certifications
* Optimize investments in payments technology


Founded between 1990-1992, three test technology and services suppliers (Integri, Lexcel and Level Four) grew to become leading brands in payments testing. In 2011, Clear2Pay acquired these companies to form a business line dedicated to testing: Open Test Solutions. In 2015 Clear2Pay was acquired by FIS. Open Test Solutions today employs more than 100 passionate employees.


Financial technology


We are an expert provider of testing software and test services for the payments industry. We allow our customers to quickly and confidently confirm that their payment systems and solutions meet their requirements.


■ Marie Costers, General Manager
■ Kristof Van Doninck, Head of Products
■ Mike Packer, Head of Global Sales
■ Colin Fraser, Head of Development
■ Neil Gasowski, Head of Delivery
■ Steve Lacourt, Head of Marketing