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Mission Statement

Our Mission: Closing the advice gap!
“Human-only” offline advice is not scalable and requires considerable manual efforts. On top of that, increasing regulatory requirements are not feasible manually and bear liability as well as reputation risks. With our hybrid Robo Advisor, these challenges are overcome. Advise your clients automated and individually and empower your advisor!


Fincite is a WealthTech Software Provider and one of Germany’s fastest-growing companies.
In a world where “human financial advice”​ gets more expensive by the day, Fincite empowers retail banks, private banks, and insurers to provide digital or digitally-empowered (hybrid) investment services to their clients. All this is seamlessly integrated into their current processes.


Holistic Performance & Risk Reporting – for advisors and clients!
From wealth aggregation to portfolio analysis CIOS.Reporting gives you all your clients’ wealth data – prepared in an intuitive frontend.
Save up to 3o min. for each reporting and ensure a fast identification of risks and potentials.
Incl. market data from Morningstar.
Starting 199 € / month
Customizable ad-hoc reports (e.g. risk & return, breakdown by asset class)


More than 10 major financial service provider co-create solutions based on our software. Together, we improve how the world saves, retires and invests. Awarded for our Software (CIO-Magazin), our growth (Gründerszene) and our team satisfaction (Kununu), we are creating a forcefield for an innovative culture valuing excellence and expertise in asset management, finances, ​and technology.


WealthTech Software product for digital investment reporting: CIOS.Reporting

Individual Software Solutions such as: ESG Software, Advisor Software, Digital Customer On-Boarding, (hybrid) Robo Advisor, Portfolio Health Check

We believe in hybrid and multi-channel financial advice. That means that for the customer experience the integration of a human advisor into the process will become more seamless.

Based on those beliefs, CIOS is built.


Digitizing existing investment processes for financial institutions.


Our management team

Ralf Heim, Co-CEO, Fincite.Grow: Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Account Management
Friedhelm Schmitt, Co-CEO, Fincite.Build: Product Development, Solution Management, HR
Stefan Post, CTO, Fincite.Operate: Maintenance, Support and Quality Assurance

Today we count over 60 colleagues from 15 nations, most of them working from our headquarter in Frankfurt.

Key Customers

Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro, Bankhaus Lampe, BCA, Evergreen, everyone INVESTED