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FIME America Office

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Sophie Cartwright
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Savvi Test Platform is an automated test process and certification management tool, which significantly reduces the overall time needed to successfully complete the terminal-integration certification testing required for all brands. Savvi simplifies your entire certification project. It determines applicable test cases, provides test process guidance, retrieves and validates test results (card and host logs).


TrustApp is a secure online testing portal for NFC applications embedded within Secure Elements. You can save time and money throughout the development process by testing your CAP File online against security rules from the major standardization organizations (AFSCM, GlobalPlatform, GSMA) and card manufacturers (Gemalto, Morpho). As TrustApp is online, it allows you to perform …

EVAL 4dev

EVAL 4dev is a cloud-based service that enables kernel, mPOS and terminal developers to validate EMV Level 2 kernels anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based service confirms that the software applications embedded in EMV payment terminals or mPOS solutions align with the latest industry specifications.


FIME contributes to the relevant standardization bodies and has developed Global to ensure the complete validation of your solution. Global enables the validation of your Secure Element, whether it is physical or cloud-based, to support payment, telecom and identity applications.


With strong experience in the payments industry and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant standardization bodies, FIME developed EVAL to ensure the complete validation of your products. EVAL allows you to validate the compliance of your terminals against the most extensive range of payment schemes available in the market: American Express, Discover Network, eftpos, EMVCo, …