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Cross-border payments, made simple.

Mission Statement

EQ Global is an expert global payments provider offering scalability and global growth opportunities for a multitude of industry sectors. Founded upon a 150 year heritage of administrative and payments services, EQ Global offers accuracy and security of bulk global payments using state of the art technology.

As a strategic financial services provider with the largest global reach, we can help businesses send and receive payments to 180 countries in over 130 currencies, priding ourselves on a 99% accuracy on payment delivery where industry average is at 57%.

Due to our state of the art proprietary technology and capacity to simplify bulk payments processing via a single file upload, our service can reduce manual errors and duplication, saving 41% on administrative costs associated with inaccurate or missed payments.


EQ Global makes complex global payments simple, by combining cutting-edge technology and innovation with heritage since 1836, expertise and knowledge.
In partnership with one of the world’s largest banking networks, we provide payment capabilities to 180 countries and in 130 currencies.


Despite increasing regulations, EQ Global is an assured, highly regulated and complete solution for businesses which ensures legislative compliance for all its clients and partners.

EQ Global offers an almost unrivalled global reach network with payment capabilities in over 130 currencies and 180 countries around the world. Using state of the art technology platform for automated bulk payments, our payments system, PayFac, can reduce administration costs by up to 41%.

EQ Global can help by:

• Managing substantial payment volumes quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively
• Quickly switches on payment capabilities in existing and new markets
• Payment processing via ACH which is the global business equivalent of BACS and the fastest payment transfer method available
• Enable businesses to expand to new global markets and open business opportunities
• International reach to 180 countries and 130 different currencies
• Issuing cheques and making tax payments in many jurisdictions
• Flexible transfers available through UK BACS, CHAPS, UK Faster payments, SWIFT or SEPA
• Guaranteed exchange rate and FX risk reduction
• Lock in profit margins on customer purchase
• Ad-hoc white labelled technology platform
• Compliance with local payment legislation and in-country requirements
• Support and in-country knowledge across the globe
• Identifying revenue generating opportunities
• 99% accuracy on delivery of global payments where industry average is at 57%


Equiniti has a history dating back to over 180 years of providing streamlined business outsourcing services, and its share registration and payment processing heritage provides assurance of the quality of our service. We process over £92bn payments every year, make over £24 billion a year in dividend payments, and act as registrar for half of all FTSE100 companies.

Equiniti’s key credentials:
– Share Registrar to over 50% of the FTSE100
– We process £90bn of payments per year
– Our average FTSE relationship is 22 years
– We administer c. £20bn of assets in custody
– We support 20% of work based pension scheme members
– We pay 2.5m UK Pensioners and annuitants
– We interact with 28million customers on behalf of our 1,700 clients
– We support 8m pensioners
– We perform 50m loan calculations per month
– We have c. 450,000 retail client accounts


In an increasingly global commercial environment, it is crucial for companies to be able to administer cross-border payments to the right person at the right time in order to remain competitive. Whether delivering cross-border payments via payroll to overseas employees, offering online products in a global e-commerce retail space, or providing holidays or travel services across the world; the ability to administer or receive payments in a local currency with 99 % accuracy and without fluctuating exchange rates or additional fees is of significant benefit to globally-operating businesses. What’s more, administering payments accurately and at the right time is essential for business reputation.

Using cutting edge technology, EQ Global offers the ability for payments to be added to its sophisticated payments platform, PayFac, in bulk via a single file upload, offering ease of use to the business while providing a fully traceable digital accounts trail to facilitate auditing.

Key features of PayFac:
• Full connectivity with your existing accounting system via an API or you can upload files from your accounting system (Sage, SAP, Pegasus etc.) directly into PayFac
• Transfers can be transmitted through UK BACS, CHAPS, UK Faster payments, SWIFT or SEPA
• Notification to you and your recipient that the payment has been sent
• Tailored reports which are fully accessible online
• Full audit trail available
• Direct access to one of the world’s largest transactional banks, providing great scale in the most challenging of countries


EQ Global aims to become a market leading cross-border payments solution.


Equiniti is an organisation led by innovation, and that innovation is driven by its people.
With highly skilled and experienced financial services experts, our team delivers in excess of 60,000 international payments every month for both public and private sector clients.

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