So much more than rebate management

Mission Statement

Enable is here to democratize B2B deals and rebates, with software that’s accessible, affordable and usable by every distributor, manufacturer and retailer. We’re pioneering a new category/class of software to help distributors and manufacturers succeed with rebate management in a way that enables them to better serve customer while also accelerating profitable growth.


Enable is the leading collaboration platform for maximizing the performance of your B2B deals while improving financial transparency and driving operational efficiency. With Enable you can model every rebate deal with ease, even the most complex ones. Manage all your deals and rebate calculations on one simple platform. No more relying on Excel.


– Simplified and more efficient processes due to automation.
– Minimal disputes and easier identification of the causes of disputes through accurate audit trails, allowing for faster resolution.
– Improved cash flow due to timely accurate rebate claims.
– Improved margin due to more accurate rebate and pricing calculations.
– Automating processes frees up finance and commercial teams to increase productivity in other areas.
– Better supplier collaboration leading to improved profitability


Enable was born out of DCS Group, the largest distributor of health, beauty, and household products in the UK. DCS wanted a smart, efficient way to manage its many complex trading agreements with suppliers and customers. But it couldn’t find a single solution that met all its needs. Denys and Andrew formed Enable together and built modern cloud based software to help every B2B distributor in almost any sector to replicate DCS’ success.


We help finance and purchasing teams in distribution and manufacturing companies to maximize the performance of their B2B deals and rebates, with modern cloud based software that’s easy to adopt and use. We have a team of industry experts and are backed by the best investors in Silicon Valley.


Andrew Butt, CEO
David Hunt, COO
Nick Rose, CFO
Cesare Rotundo, VP of Product
Jerry Brooner, President, Global Field Operations