Bringing digital transformation to your business since 1997

Mission Statement

Elinext sees the mission of our company in delighting customers by continuously providing quality service of developing and integrating software projects. By addressing Elinext, our customers may be certain we will do everything in our power for them to gain a competitive advantage in the market with the help of functions-rich innovative tailor-made software.


– Wide range of technologies
– 24+ years of experience
– Best practice and experience in HealthTech and Fintech
– 500+ Employees, Where 85% Are Software Engineers


With a partnership with over 300 satisfied clienteles worldwide, Elinext has proved to know its way around software outsourcing since 1997. Our highly educated employees are constantly working on healthtech, fintech, and custom software development. So, you can rest assured that all your software-related concerns will be tended to in the most professional manner that you could have imagined.


Elinext provides its customers with a wide range of services in all different sectors amongst which are healthcare, financial services, and telecom to name a few.


As a client-oriented software development company, we focus on the quality and business targeting of all our products and services.


Technology thrives to build a better place, so each contributor to the IT global environment carries a piece of social responsibility within the enterprise. We care about both internal and external processes inside and outside of our company. As creating a better overall environment eventually creates for our local well-being, we make our important social contributions.

Key Customers