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EASY Invoice

EASY Invoice is the established and trusted solution for digital invoice processing. It captures invoices, extracts invoice data, routes invoices around the organisation for approval, and finally passes posting data to the ERP system while storing the invoice in our revision proof archive.


EASY HR allows you to manage your organisations’ digital personnel and company files more efficiently than ever. With separate modules for managing employee records, employee on/off-boarding, job posting and applicant management, as well as training and development management, EASY HR can support your company with all HR department processes. More than ever, HR departments are …

EASY Contract

EASY Contract is a pre-configured solution package that allows organisations of any size to rapidly deploy and benefit from a Digital Contract Management system. EASY Contract provides the functions to create, negotiate, collaborate, store and manage contracts whether they be sales, procurement, or legal contracts. In every department, we encounter and deal with a wide …

EASY Procurement

The company procurement process includes all steps which serve to supply the company with necessary resources. In short, a comparatively detailed process which involves several departments – often across locations and more often still paper-based. As a result, a lack of transparency frequently obscures the procurement process, resulting in many other phenomena, such as maverick buying. Instead, if you …

EASY Employee App

Employers are currently facing a new and unique challenge, they must be able to track and trace infection in their own workforce comprehensively and reliably. The faster this process works, the more effective early measures and reactions can be. EASY Software has recently developed an app giving your employees simple access to company news feeds, sickness reports, holiday requests …