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PowerDesk: Short-term Power Trading Solution

Brady PowerDesk is a single data driven and dynamic platform to help accelerate short-term power trading profits. With intelligent visualisation of live P&L, net open positions, direct trading on EPEX and Nord Pool and TSO connectivity all accessible from a single dashboard, you can secure opportunities faster and make the most revenue out of your …


MexFinance is a complete solution for Foreign Exchange dealers and Money Changes. The flexibility of the system allows easy configuration to your local Regularity Authority. MexFinance can be securely deployed and hosted within your local Network. For more features please contact me.

Dovetail Payment Solution

It supports both domestic and cross-border payments. For domestic payments, it supports immediate & deferred settlement, instant payments and clearings worldwide. For cross-border transactions, it supports SWIFT correspondent bank messages as well as cross-border low value exchanges using ISO 20022.

Cyber Security Consulting, Smart contract audit & Pentesting

Can you assess your own company and a load of cybersecurity providers to determine the best fit? Don’t bother anymore! You can be hacked any minute, so leave such tasks for professionals. CSA shares its expertise with the clients to end the anxiety of data breaches and bugs in the system.

Instant Remittance Gateway

Instant Remittances Platform aims to interconnect the digital economy with the remittance market, which is mostly unbanked. There is no way to transfer or to withdraw money before AML & CFT verification; Robust financial risk management mechanisms. Helps to improve financial inclusion.

Dovetail Smart Middle Office Solution

It allows banks to solve challenging business and customer service problems while still clearing and settling through existing payment systems and gateways. The Dovetail Smart Middle Office Solution is highly modular, allowing a bank to deploy a range of options based on business priorities.

Trinity: Financial Commodity Trading Solution

This software solution supports hedging, risk management and P&L attribution for metals and agricultural market participants. It supports standard contracts including forwards, futures, options and averages to complex derivative instruments.

Dovetail Liquidity Monitoring Solution

It offers banks a way to position liquidity management as a driver of business advantage,above and beyond mere compliance. Treasurers and liquidity managers have unparalleled visibility into end-of-day and intraday conditions,across currencies,legal entities,direct/indirect clearings, in real time

Fintrade: Physical Commodity Trading Solution

This software solution supports trading and P&L management for metals and agricultural market participants. It specialises in the physical execution of trades, supporting inventory management and multi-modal logistics.

Dovetail Smart Gateway Solution

It allows banks to consolidate clearing connections onto a single cost effective platform so that common business functions are performed in a consistent way across channels and clearings, while supporting specific clearing messaging and protocol requirements on a plug-in basis.

CRisk: Credit Risk Management Solution

This software solution helps to mitigate counterparty risk, prevent loss and manage liquidity through exposure management, collateral management and real-time alerting of critical data. Assess the impact of potential adverse scenarios and estimate risk velocity to comply with robust risk policies.

Dovetail Training Solution

Dovetail offers a suite of hands-on, interactive training courses and programs designed to provide banks and their delivery partners with an effective working knowledge of Dovetail solutions.