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Andreas Kiesselbach
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D-3 Pricing System

FX/MM rate engine – FX Pricing – FX quote eingine – Curves can be adjusted for FED-,IMM- or turn-dates – FX swaps are derived from Futures, FRAs or OIS – Interfaces export real time rates – Streaming export API allows price generation for odd dates and individual interpolation methods


DeaLane is different from other Back Office Systems because it was built upon up-to-date technology while reflecting all of our trading expertise and experience in settlement solutions. DeaLane is first choice for settlement of MM and FX deals.

Swaps Data Feed (SDF)

DIGITEC D3 partnered with 360T network. The SDF offers reliability in the FX Swap market and broken and special dates. Offering full granularity across the curve up to to two years in over 40 pairs; providing Swaps market data in an unlimited number of crosses in G10, LM and NDF currency pairs.

FX/MM Calculator

FX pricing with D-3 We offer superior calculation features especially for the FX forward dealers and the arbitrage desk. Our second focus is the distribution of reliable rates in high quality. New feature: best price detector