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Copp Clark, Toronto Head Office

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Copp Clark, Singapore Office

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Ronald S Marr
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We have been extremely happy with the service and would strongly recommend this service based on the quality of the data and high level of service. This data has been a tremendous help to our organization.” Leading technology vendor — Hol

Mission Statement

Copp Clark Limited is the authoritative source for information on holiday observances affecting financial markets. Our products and services ensure transactional integrity in trading and back office venues everywhere.


COPP CLARK’s the authoritative source for holiday reference data relating to global financial markets. Our products & services enhance transactional integrity by ensuring accurate value dates and trading schedules. Our market holidays, trading hours & early closings data is recognized globally as the industry-standard.


Our products and services provide reliable holiday reference data, researched from source and verified daily. Our highly regarded Holiday Data Service® for financial applications and Trading Hours Report® will save you time and money and protect your bottom line. Our products are trusted and used worldwide by major financial organizations.


Established in 1841, Copp Clark Limited is recognized as Canada’s oldest continuously operating book publisher. As Copp Clark Limited grew, we expanded our products and services to target the needs of participants in global financial markets.

Today, Copp Clark has become the leading publisher of financial trading and settlement calendars in the world. We are the authoritative source for information on holiday observances affecting global financial markets.

In today’s fast-paced markets, reliable and accurate holiday data is an essential component of any financial system. Our trading hours, early closings and market holiday data are trusted and recognized globally as the market standards. This is why financial organizations around the world look to COPP CLARK for reliable, cost-effective solutions.

More details on our history can be found here.


Copp Clark is dedicated to providing the most reliable and up-to-date information on holidays and related data affecting financial markets. Our products and services are available in both print and digital formats.
• Our market holidays and trading hours reference data is available in many file formats for use with internal systems.
• Our interactive Day Finder Web App will generate holiday lists, forward value dates, day counts and so much more. Includes holiday information for all currencies, banks and financial centers.
• Our industry standard print calendar, Goodbusiness Day Finder® (formerly Euromarket Day Finder®), is the ACI endorsed dealing calendar relied upon by FX traders around the world.


Copp Clark continuously strives to provide the most reliable and accurate reference data on trading hours, early closings and market holidays, backed by outstanding customer support.


Vice-President, Content & Production:
Grace Dalfonso

Director of Data Sales & Service:
Carol Champ

Marketing, Brand & Creative Director:
Kathy Karakasidis

Software & Technology Director:
Todd Ruthman

Strategic Consultant and Former President:
Ronald S. Marr