Take control of SOC2, ISO-27001, or other Infosec certifications with a simple, easy to use full-featured platform.

Mission Statement

Our single mission is to Simplify Infosec Compliance through automation and by streamlining our customer’s processes.


ControlMap is a SaaS platform and we want to put an end to countless wasted hours during Infosec audits caused by a lack of audit readiness with our software that covers all aspects of Infosec compliance, audit readiness, and automation.


You will get a solution that will help to start with your first SOC 2 or ISO 27001 audit and you can use it to scale your compliance team. We also have a feature that will help you to automate the process.


Our main focus is to eliminate stress from the everyday operations of modern cybersecurity compliance operations.


Our goal is to help our clients, partners, and the MSP community to achieve their cybersecurity compliance objectives through automation using the ControlMap SaaS platform.