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“I wouldn’t start the day without Complinet.” Capital Analysts Inc.

Mission Statement

Complinet enables firms to better understand and minimize their exposure to risk by providing both the information and technologies they need to connect live external events, such as regulatory updates or sanction changes, with their internal policy management and screening activities.

Our customers include 80 per cent of the leading financial services firms across the globe.

Complinet is unique in the financial services industry. Our solutions combine deep regulatory insight with innovative technology that provide timely information, analysis and risk management services to more than 100,000 compliance and legal professionals across 81 countries.


Complinet is the leading provider of solutions that dynamically deliver relevant compliance intelligence to industry professionals within the highly regulated global financial services community.


The highly dynamic nature of today’s regulated markets means there is often a divide between regulatory change and a firm’s ability to identify, understand and implement these changes across the enterprise. Traditionally, this has led to an ad-hoc approach to compliance, with firms and banks addressing every new regulatory mandate as a tactical project. This can be highly inefficient and costly to the organization. In fact, Gartner has estimated that firms who take this disconnected approach to compliance will spend up to ten times more than companies who tackle this proactively and with process-driven methods.

The key is connectivity.

Complinet delivers a connected, proactive, sustainable approach to the compliance process

Every regulatory or sanctions change potentially exposes a business and the products it sells to risk. Firms and banks that are unable to update and enforce internal policies and controls in step with the required timescales are particularly exposed to the risk of fines, investigations, adverse media coverage and other damaging outcomes.

Only Complinet provides the combination of compliance expertise, deep market insight and technologies that you need to significantly reduce your exposure to risk. Complinet’s solutions support your firm’s immediate regulatory concerns and allow you to introduce a culture of timely, proactive, and sustainable compliance that will protect your organization for years to come.


Complinet was founded in 1997 and now employs more than 200 people in its offices in New York, London and Dubai.


Connection is about relating what is happening outside your organization, and understanding and assimilating relevant changes quickly and efficiently. By knowing and reacting to influences such as regulatory change first and fast, risk is reduced and competitive advantage gained.

Only Complinet can provide the combination of deep market insight and dynamic information delivery that connect you to regulatory change and significantly reduce your exposure to risk.

Complinet’s solutions refocus compliance attention on making informed, proactive decisions, with less time wasted on collating data. They support your compliance needs today and allow you to introduce a culture of timely, proactive, and sustainable compliance that will protect your organization for years to come

Our solutions include:
Regulatory Insight
A publishing and distribution service that gathers relevant rules, guidelines, and regulatory news and opinion from Complinet’s own legal and editorial staff and external contributors as well as public and subscription sources, puts it into context with smart taxonomies and expert analysis, and delivers it to you electronically. In addition, Regulatory Insight can be delivered across the enterprise through highly relevant e-learning programs. Regulatory Insight allows you quickly to understand relevant regulatory changes in the context of your own business and policies.

Policy Manager
An enterprise-wide compliance content management system that connects external regulatory change to your internal policies and procedures. It automatically highlights when and where your electronic policy manuals are out of date whenever a regulation changes, helping you to protect your organization from the risks associated with non-compliance.

Global Screening
A comprehensive screening service that unifies all Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence processes. Automatically alerting you to risk associated with sanctions change, or potential fraudulent activity, Global Screening delivers smarter, end-to-end solutions that reduce false positives, maximize efficiency and reduce your operational screening costs.


Chris Pilling
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Pilling is one of Complinet’s founders. Chris provides overall strategic direction for the company particularly around the development of new products and services.
He is a passionate believer in the power of technology to add value, solve problems and transform business process. Chris believes in maintaining the entrepreneurial roots of Complinet and ensuring that the client remains at the center of everything the company does.

Nick Roberts
Chief Executive Officer – North America
Nick, a founder of Complinet, and manages all North American operations as a subsidiary of Complinet Group. In addition to his role as general manager of the US operation, Nick provides overall strategic direction to the development of Complinet’s North America business and also chairs the commercial sub-committee of the Board. Nick is dedicated to ensuring that our US clients receive the highest levels of service.

Alex Viall
Editor in Chief
Alex, a founder of Complinet, is Editor in Chief of Complinet Group. As an ex-compliance officer and regulator, Alex provided the inspiration for the creation of Complinet. His original vision was for a service that would provide a compliance officer with a much needed support infrastructure to help them do their jobs with confidence.
Alex is always keen to ensure that he stays as close to the industry as he can and spends a majority of his time visiting clients and networking with compliance professionals and regulators.

Nigel Widdowson ACA
Chief Financial Officer
Nigel has been with Complinet since 2000. He has global responsibility for all Complinet finance operations spanning London, New York and Dubai. Nigel believes that the finance department in the company is not only there to provide sound financial management and corporate compliance, but also to add value via the provision of analysis and high quality commercial support to all other departments. Nigel is also the Company Secretary.

Paul Johns
Chief Marketing Officer
Paul is responsible for developing and communicating Complinet’s marketing strategy, value proposition, brand and mission throughout the world.
Prior to joining Complinet Paul has held various VP marketing positions at successful companies that include Orchestria, Axiom Systems, GenesysLabs and Broadbase Software (now Kana).

Greg Kilminster
Group Managing Director, Regulatory Insight
Greg is Managing Director for the Regulatory Insight division which is responsible for delivering our unique news, analysis and e-learning via a variety of innovative web-based methods. Greg’s team includes dedicated compliance and legal experts and knowledge management professionals who work together to ensure that the Regulatory Insight division provides its clients with highly relevant information presented in the context of their internal requirements, compliance workflow and policies and business activities.
Greg has 20 years’ experience of working in the professional publishing and knowledge management industries.

Richard Russell
Group Managing Director, Global Screening
Richard is the Group Managing Director for the Global Screening business at Complinet. He manages and provides strategic direction for this business. His team is responsible for providing and delivering a total AML solution embracing all the different aspects of due diligence, enhanced due diligence, anti-money laundering and fraud ensuring clients receive the best information, training and operational services to combat the regulatory burdens imposed on the financial services industry. He has a global remit and is charged with integrating best-of-breed technology to deliver successful client services.

Tom Golding
Group Director of Solution Services
Tom is director in charge of Solution Services at Complinet. He manages all phases of the pre- and post-sales consultancy services and delivery functions for engaging with and supplying innovative compliance solutions to Complinet’s clients. The range of services provided includes: process consultancy; project management; system design; integration and implementation consultancy; and training. His team engages with a client during the initial bid phase through to effective delivery of a solution.

Bill Follini
US SVP Commercial Operations
Bill is in charge of the North American sales, and client services teams. He is based in the New York office and manages a team of account directors, sales reps and client relationship executives based in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Florida.
Bill’s professional, energetic team is dedicated to developing close client relationships in order to truly understand their challenges and provide them with the best possible solutions.

David McNair Scott
Commercial Director – Europe
David has been with Complinet since 2001 and is the European Commercial Director with overall responsibility for the commercial management of Complinet’s European operations including sales and client services.

Stephen Taylor
Managing Director, Regulatory Insight,
North America
Steve has been with Complinet since 2003 and is based in Complinet’s New York office. Steve is a genuine innovator and was instrumental in the original development of Complinet’s legal reference services. His responsibilities include the development of global Regulatory Insight in response to the overwhelming demand from our clients for timely accurate global regulatory content delivered on a world-class platform.
Steve also handles many of Complinet’s partnership relationships with regulators and law firms.