Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Gateway

Mission Statement

Enable merchants and financial service providers to easily add cryptocurrency payments to their checkout process and payment infrastructure.


COINQVEST is an enterprises cryptocurrency payment gateway and API and provides a full suite of tools to businesses to safely accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies from their clients and directly settle into their preferred fiat or crypto currency. COINQVEST is incorporated in Estonia and holds a virtual currency service provider license in the EU. The company is active member of the Stellar community and a recent winner of the Stellar Seed Fund.


Businesses that use the COINQVEST crypto payment solution benefit from easy and compliant invoicing and billing, hosted and API level checkouts, detailed transaction records and accounting, instant withdrawals to bank account and crypto wallets, a well documented REST API, built-in payment exception handling and simple refund mechanisms.


COINQVEST was founded in 2018 and incorporated in Estonia in 2020. Since 2021 the company holds a virtual currency service provider license. In May 2021 it won the first round of the Stellar Seed Fund and received funding of 500,000 USD -> https://www.coinqvest.com/en/blog/coinqvest-receives-0-5m-usd-as-equity-free-grant-through-the-stellar-seed-fund-5ce86d303280


COINQVEST’s focus is to make accepting cryptocurrencies as easy, safe and compliant as possible and remove the hurdles and doubts of merchants and business owners when it comes to Bitcoin as a payment method.


COINQVEST’s goal is to develop and provide the leading payment solutions in the B2B category for businesses to get paid in crypto, settle in their accounting fiat currency, deposit funds, swap between currencies and distribute founds to third parties.

Key Customers

COINQVEST’s customers are mainly e-commerce companies, financial service providers, payment apps, online gaming companies and vendors of digital content.