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Mission Statement

CODIX is the software company which developed iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system. Its innovative blend of technologies optimizes the rapid implementation of tools customized to meet the requirements of each client, making it the leading software in several industries.

CODIX has become the leading software provider for Debt Collection, Commercial Finance, Factoring, Asset-Based Lending and Trade Finance IT systems thanks to a few simple but strong values:
* A family-owned business allowing long-term investments with no pressure for short-term revenue
* A strong and dedicated relationship with our Clients
* A taste for expertise, excellence and common sense

Codix is an active player in the development of new technologies, such as inter-operability standards, SOAP and REST services, Block-chain systems, supporting disruptive business plans and constantly searching for new ways to address emerging new practices.

We work in close collaboration with our Fintech Clients and well-established financial institutions, as well as with cutting-edge providers of complementary services like OSMO, Atradius, Euler Hermes, Risk Factor, COFACE, Dun & Bradstreet and many more.

Our unique goal is to always be ahead of the curve, to include features in iMX before our Clients need them, and to provide a software solution which eases and secures daily operations in the various functional domains covered by iMX.


CODIX is a rapidly growing international company which has developed iMX. Thanks to its unique software solution CODIX has become a leading software provider for the world financial industry. iMX is supported by the dedicated CODIX team of 700+ professionals, located in 4 continents and 12 offices worldwide.



iMX’s functional coverage is constantly increased by our Experts in order to anticipate, as far as possible, the market needs and features which our Clients will need tomorrow.

Launching a product at the very moment when our Client thinks about it, is the competitive advantage of our Clients, and is made possible through the highly adaptive parameterization capabilities of iMX, as well as the unique ad-hoc (per Client) release strategy offered by Codix.

Delivery of complete and integrated systems

All advanced business features come with the standard version of iMX. Full technical integration with other systems and all implementation services are included.

Geographical expansion

In cooperation with our current Clients or new Clients, we support any needed standard interfaces and local regulations. Currently: users in more than 40 countries and iMX delivered in 18 languages.
Projects under Tight Control and Controlled Budget

A team of experts seasoned in business and IT. A well proven set-up methodology to guarantee the success of each project. ISO 9001:2008 certification.
No Surprises

Level of customization of the system adapted to the Client’s needs, from pure Plug-and-Play to much more customized systems. The cost of implementation and customization of each iMX deployment is always fixed!


Today, iMX is the leading software in several industries

Advanced Leasing features added to iMX

Creation of CODIX Spain and CODIX Mexico
Extensive Loan-handling features added to iMX

Syndication added to iMX
iMX evolution with purchase financing, shipment financing, supply-chain financing, and Reverse

Creation of CODIX USA and CODIX Vietnam

First version of iMX for Factoring and Asset-Based Lending (ABL) is released live

CODIX extends the scope of iMX by creating an innovative factoring system which distinguishes itself from established ageing systems on the market

Creation of CODIX Tunisia

Credit insurance

Accounts receivable management

Creation of CODIX Bulgaria

First version of iMX commercialized (Collections)

Launch of the creation of iMX


iMX covers the following lines of business:

Debt Collection
Accounts receivable management
Preventive actions
Amicable collection
Late collection

Commercial finance
Factoring / Receivables Finance
Asset-Based lending
Invoice level financing
Reverse Factoring / Supply Chain Finance
Purchase order financing

Operational and financial leasing

Credit Insurance

As far as technology is concerned, CODIX’s technology is geared towards providing a completely stable and scalable business software package, and yet offer to our customers the maximum level of flexibility in the usage and the customization of the system, as well as a full integration in your IT landscape :

Dynamic redefinition of data structures by activity (debt collection, commercial finance, credit insurance) and/or customer. Irrespective of the nature of the data to be processed or its evolution, CODIX technologies allow for the systematic follow-up of the customer’s needs and ensure their smooth evolution.
All data and business objects stored in the database can be used in the rules of CODIX’s Expert System. The Expert System is a smart-rules processing engine which automates the allocation of cases to users, the execution of business processes and workflows, complex calculation formulas and the text generation process.
Every event entering the system (after keyboard input or as a result of interfacing with another system) is handled in real time by the Expert System. The Expert System meets users’ expectations by automating repetitive tasks while enabling users to focus their efforts on more demanding cases requiring strong professional skills. Operations Managers will notice the increased productivity and service quality resulting from the implementation of CODIX technologies.
Reliable and stable technologies: UNIX (AIX, HP/UX, SUN SOLARIS) or Linux ( RedHat, Suse, Oracle Linux) operating systems and the Oracle Database ensure scalability from thousands to several millions of cases within a fully secure management environment.
Integration: All the tools a user needs are integrated in a unique user interface – text processing, fax, imagery module, e-mail and telephony, SMS messaging.
A WEB architecture: on their workstation, the user – be it an Internet or Extranet one, uses:
Web Technology Components ( Spring MVC, Angular )
With Java ‘applets’: Java text editor (CODIX), display tool for case integrated images (CODIX)
High-level support based on remote maintenance.


550 people worldwide, covering the 5 continents:
Europe (France, Bulgaria etc…)
Asia (Vietnam)
Africa (Tunisia)
USA (Atlanta)
Latin America (Mexico)