Evolve Your Business to Sell and Lend with Digital Assets

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect traditional business to blockchain technology, creating a way for people with assets held outside of traditional banking relationships to grow their portfolios and borrow against those assets when they otherwise would be unable to.


“Established businesses are struggling to understand crypto and decide when and how to embrace it. It’s a significant challenge to quickly and effectively embed crypto in their legacy products and services”, said Fred Brothers, co-founder and President of Cion Digital. “Without Cion Digital’s Blockchain Orchestration Platform, existing businesses can take months or years – and spend significant up-front investment – to gain knowledge, acquire resources, and begin delivering crypto solutions.”


Cion Digital’s proprietary Blockchain Orchestration Platform allows institutions to build innovative finance solutions quickly, and to seamlessly connect their legacy systems with the complex and ever-changing world of decentralized finance. We help clients grow and protect revenue opportunities by expanding and integrating their existing financial systems to succeed in the rapidly evolving digital asset economy.


Cion Digital was founded in 2021 by FinTech and Technology veterans Snehal Fulzele (Cloud Lending), Fred Brothers (FIS, Checkfree) and Arpit Agrawal (Marvell Semiconductor).


Financial Services (FinTech Lenders, RIA’s, Commercial Banks, Neobanks)
Big Ticket Retail (Auto Dealers, Jewelry, Luxury Goods, Marine/RV)


The orchestration platform simplifies the complex world of crypto (custody, liquidity, settlement, compliance, off-chain optimization, etc.) and enables clients to quickly and easily deploy embedded blockchain solutions that evolve traditional finance systems to offer real-time money movement and lending capabilities. The platform enables the rapid development, integration and deployment of solutions that leverage leading crypto exchanges, cutting edge DeFi protocols and aggregator services.


Snehel Fulzele, Founder & CEO
Fred Brothers, President & Co-Founder
Arpit Agrawal, Chief Engineering Officer & Co-Founder
Chris Boas, EVP & GM APAC
Jim Donatell, EVP & Head of Sales, USA
Steve Nippak, EVP & Head of Sales, Canada & Europe
Katie Robinson, CMO