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Bloomberg PolarLake UK Office

1st Floor, 38 Threadneedle Street,

Bloomberg PolarLake Headquarters Head Office

1st Floor The Harcourt Building Harcourt Street

Bloomberg PolarLake USA Office

535 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor,
New York

Bloomberg PolarLake Singapore Office

23 Church Street


+1 (212) 672-1773


Michael Walford-Gran
[email protected]

Mission Statement

Bloomberg PolarLake operates as an independent business unit to ensure that it can provide a fully vendor-agnostic solution. Bloomberg PolarLake has separate infrastructure facilities and operations staff, which enable it to provide the highest levels of security, privacy and permissioning of the data it receives from both commercial data vendors and clients’ own proprietary data and business rules.

Bloomberg PolarLake believes that a next generation Managed Service can uniquely meet the requirements of today’s financial industry. The key is the ability to address the needs of both effective common processing and the preservation of a client’s business DNA and intellectual property.

Worldwide, financial firms benefit from the Bloomberg PolarLake Managed Service through reduced costs and increased data quality achieved by eliminating the need to build home-grown solutions and avoid the non-stop maintenance and upgrade cycle of in-house implementations.


Bloomberg PolarLake, the global EDM Managed Service provider, delivers a robust, customizable, open and inclusive managed data service, which centrally acquires, manages and distributes complex and wide-ranging financial data sets with speed, agility and control.


– Established Managed Service
– Generate Economies of Scale by Shared Common Processing
– Maintain client DNA & IP in Client Specific Processing Area
– Time to Market
– Agile and Transparent
– Industrial Strength
– A Managed Service Roadmap


Bloomberg PolarLake Limited was formed on May 22nd 2012 following the acquisition of PolarLake Limited by Bloomberg LP. Bloomberg LP was formed in 1981.

PolarLake was itself formed in 2003 as a spinoff from XIAM Limited (acquired by Qualcomm in 2006). XIAM, which focused on mobile personalization apps, was founded by Warren Buckley who also founded PolarLake and who is the CTO of Bloomberg PolarLake.