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Mission Statement

Financial institutions and government agencies are spending billions of dollars on their strategic digital transformation. Until now, they have been forced to build tailor-made applications to put key functions online – functions such as account opening, loan and credit card applications or applying for a government license or service. These projects are high risk, take many months or years to deliver, exceeds budget estimates, and are inflexible in changing markets.

Avoka solves that problem. We have built a cloud based platform, Avoka Transact, that enables the business (not IT) to not only build these applications, but slash the time and costs. And once built, businesses can change them easily and quickly.

Avoka Transact is a digital business platform used to accelerate customer acquisition and increase business agility in financial services, government, education, field service and other industries.

By focusing on the customer-centric portion of digital banking transformation, Avoka achieves speed-to-market for digital and mobile customer acquisition. Using our “design once, deploy anywhere” platform, business units create their omni-channel initiatives and control outcomes without long development cycles.

Founded in 2002 in Sydney, Avoka has won numerous industry awards for its innovative customer experience solutions. Avoka has digitized over 100 million transactions spanning more than 16,000 sales and service projects. Avoka is based in Denver, USA; London, England and Sydney, Australia.


Avoka accelerates customer-centric digital transformation with frictionless sales and service transactions for financial services, government, and other enterprises.


PHILIP COPELAND – Chief Executive Officer
As CEO and co-founder of Avoka, Phil is responsible for the company’s business strategy and worldwide operations. Prior to launching Avoka, Phil founded Jarrah Technologies, the leading vendor of Client Server application development tools throughout Australia. While at Jarrah, Phil conceived of and developed TeamWindows, a repository-based team programming solution that was incorporated into Gupta Technologies SQLWindows product under a worldwide distribution agreement, and later was awarded Byte Magazine’s Application Development Tool of the Year. Phil became CEO of Open Environment Corporation after it acquired Jarrah Technologies.

HOWARD TREISMAN – Chief Technical Officer
As CTO of Avoka, Howard is focused on strategic product management, including market analysis and differentiation, product roadmap, competitive intelligence, partner solutions, and product marketing communication. Howard ensures the Avoka product and platform meet customer requirements and is a market-leading technology. Prior to joining Avoka, Howard was Engineering Manager at Jarrah Technologies, the leading vendor of Client Server application development tools throughout Australia. Later, as Engineering Manager for Open Environment Corporation, Howard embraced the distributed computing revolution, and was responsible for building a distributed application management system.

STEPHEN COLEMAN – Chief Financial Officer
As CFO, Stephen leads and manages all financial functions for Avoka operations globally. Prior to joining Avoka, Stephen co-founded and was COO of Quickcomm, a highly successful enterprise software company specializing in telecommunications management software. After building an impressive corporate and government customer base in Australia and the United States, the company moved its headquarters to New York City in 2005. Ranked by Gartner as one of the top three global players in its space, the company was later acquired by Vodaphone Plc.

DEREK CORCORAN – Chief Experience Officer
As Avoka’s CXO, Derek’s focus is on:
• Understanding what best practice is for sales and service transactions like credit card applications, loan origination, account opening, and government license applications;
• Ensuring that the Avoka Transact engagement platform can deliver best practice;
• Helping clients engage their customers with great multi-channel customer experiences based on these best practices.

DON BERGAL – Chief Marketing Officer
Don builds and leads worldwide marketing at Avoka. He has a successful 25 year record of growing technology businesses in marketing, operations, and sales management, particularly with early stage and high growth companies. Prior to Avoka, Don was CMO and COO at Confio Software, acquired by Solar Winds, where he led the creation of the marketing-sales ‘factory’ from the earliest stages, resulting in repeated 70% annual growth in the latter years of the company’s 10 year life. Prior to that, he launched software companies Antepo (acquired by Adobe) as VP of Marketing, and grew Jabber (acquired by Cisco) during its early years.

RICHARD AUSTEN – General Manager, Europe
Richard has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, and previously worked for Adobe in a Professional Services management role. In this position Richard was responsible for driving consulting around the Adobe Enterprise product set across a variety of vertical sectors including Media, Government and Financial Services. During this period, he was responsible for some of the largest and most successful Adobe Consulting projects and played a key role in delivering customer satisfaction for some of Adobe’s most important enterprise customers.

WILL BEAUMONT – Sales Director, South Pacific
Will began his career in the military reaching the rank of Major in the Special Forces. His experience in various military appointments and leadership positions was later supplemented by global sales experience. He worked for Smith Detection, the leading supplier of aviation threat detection equipment, and was General Manager of Sales and Marketing with Sagem Sécurité (now Morpho) before moving to Avoka as National Manager. He also gained start-up expertise working as a Sales Manager with Connexxion Solutions.

SAM RAPP – Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Success
Sam is responsible for driving new customer growth and customer satisfaction. He has a successful 25 year track record of building and scaling technology business. Prior to Avoka, he held several strategic sales positions with Rally Software. During his tenure at Rally, he delivered many key enterprise customers contributing to Rally’s 30% growth annually. Rally was acquired by CA in 2015 for $480M. Prior to Rally, he held senior sales leadership positions with high growth companies Xactly, Serena Software and BEA Systems.