Compliance. The smart way.

Mission Statement

Arctic Intelligence exists to provide the financial services sector with a cost-effective solution to financial crime. The vision is to take what is often a laborious, manual process, into a dynamic fully automated, real-time assessment that will generate analytical risk scores and create reports to evidence and defend those results. This gives a comprehensive understanding of your risks and provides you with reporting and analytics to demonstrate compliance.


Arctic is a award-winning global RegTech firm that has developed financial crime enterprise risk assessment software purpose-built by industry experts for regulated businesses to better assess, document and manage their financial crime risks. Arctic Intelligence solutions are suitable for financial services organisations and other regulated entities regardless of size or complexity to carry out their risk assessments and manage vulnerabilities consistently across their entire organisation.


– Industry benchmarking
– Effectively obtaining input from many business units and stakeholders
– Evolving coverage and content
– Keeping up to date with regulations and guidance
– Using data points to make risk assessments less subjective
– Reporting across an enterprise to draw out observations and insights

Arctic Intelligence has developed solutions to help financial services organisations understand their risks and demonstrate compliance.


Arctic Intelligence was founded in late 2015 with the belief that in order to make an impact on the financial crime problem that it was necessary to combine deep domain expertise with world-class technology to provide regulated entities, regardless of their size, sector or geographic location with the necessary tools to manage audit, risk and compliance programs.


We focus on helping financial services organisations of all sizes from small-medium enterprises to multi-national corporations and from across a diverse range of industry sectors including banking, insurance, credit unions, foreign exchange, money remittance, digital currencies, wealth and asset managers, and gaming to assist them with their financial crime risk assessments and compliance obligations.


To transition a laborious, manual process, into a dynamic fully automated, real-time assessment that generates analytical risk scores and reports to evidence and defend those results. Arctic Intelligence wants organisations to do away with the spreadsheet projects taking up to 6 months to complete. The 2021 planned enhancements will deliver the ability for organisations to interface their own systems, allowing the our solutions to draw out relevant insights and feed the risk model and scoring.