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Mission Statement

Arcontech develops leading edge products and components, solving the highly technical challenges of true real-time data communication. Our consultants can work with you to design the precise architecture for your needs. Often the solution is ‘off-the shelf’, using products from the CityVision range, installed over the net – so you can be up and running in hours, not days or weeks. For special needs we can build on this first class foundation to create the world-beating solution you are searching for. Products and bespoke systems are developed and supported entirely by our in-house team, with over 150 man-years of real-time software experience.


Arcontech is a financial markets software vendor focused on providing real-time market data systems and products for front office & global data distribution. Formed in 1979 Arcontech has established an excellent reputation in European, US & Asian markets for reliable cost-effective and innovative technology.


Significant cost savings and efficiency increases can accrue, through:

* Elimination of expensive leased lines
* Reduced lead times and management overhead for new sources and destinations
* Replacement of Vendors private pages and closed user groups
* Centralised global administration
* ASP model service delivery


Formed in 1979, Arcontech has thrived due to timely delivery of dependable, cost-effective solutions to the financial community. Its diverse clients range from National Government, Banks and Data Vendors through to Internet Bookmakers.

Arcontech installed its first digital market data products in 1983 and has continually developed new, innovative systems and products, adopting leading edge technology, proven in the marketplace.

Our management board has experience second to none in the real-time market data industry. The four senior members alone have completed over 100 years of directly relevant commercial project work. One or more senior managers is closely involved in all projects, internal or external, helping to ensure that all developments gain from the immense knowledge, skills and continuity benefits of this approach.


Arcontech has experience of a wide range of technical concepts and applications and the ability to combine the best from each. Key areas of expertise include:

Feed Handlers
Real-Time Internet Distribution & Trading
Network Servers/Data Hubs
Multi Vendor Data Contribution (Market Data Contributions)
Protocol Conversion
Added-Value Processing
Windows GUI Development
Market Data Platform API Development
Reuters Triarch/SSL

You can view LIVE showcases of our software within the products section of our website.


We wish to grow steadily in size and reputation and become the preferred supplier of real-time software products, bespoke and consulting services for the financial markets and related industries. We strive to delight our clients by providing timely, dependable, cost-effective solutions to business problems through the knowledge and application of proven state-of-the-art methods and technology. We also hope to have fun doing it.


Andrew Miller – Managing Director & Head of Sales,
Adam Prout – Support Manager,
Sarah Wisbey – Accounts, Human Resources, Office Management & PA to Andrew Miller,
Steve Prout – Technical Director,
Andy Weber – Technologies Director,
James Kazim – Sales Executive
Chandra Dass – Senior Sales Executive