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205 N Michigan Avenue Suite 4230


(312) 540 - 9594


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Wireless Connectivity

Anova offers wireless exchange connectivity to all major US exchanges. Our routes utilize microwave, millimeter wave, as well as, the only hybrid laser radios that deliver near 100% availability with the lowest latency. For further information and pricing contact [email protected]

Fiber Connectivity

Anova also operates an extensive fiber network which complements our wireless connectivity offerings. For clients needing bulk transport or enterprise connectivity, contact us for further information and pricing at [email protected]

Market Data

Anova offers both raw and normalized market data across our ultra-low latency network. For further information and pricing contact [email protected]

High Availability Wireless Market Data

Anova delivers high availability market data via its proprietary hybrid laser radios. The network operates at near 100% availability through all inclement weather. With our zero packet loss system there just isn’t any other market data provider choice.