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AFSVision for Global Lending

AFSVision is an enterprise-wide credit and risk management system for global lending institutions. It is the industry’s only fully integrated lending system designed to process all types of loans (consumer, commercial, specialized assets, and investment banking) on a single, real-time, multi-bank, multilingual, multicurrency system. Integral to AFSVision is its unique straight-through processing capability encompassing the …


AFSCommerce is an ASP offering of the AFS integrated lending system. AFSCommerce provides the ability to process any type of loan on a single system—consumer, business banking, commercial, specialized assets (Commercial Real Estate, Dealer Flooring, Asset-Based), as well as syndicated or securitized assets. At most banks, AFSCommerce eliminates the need to purchase, implement, maintain, support, …

AFS Commercial Loan Origination

AFS Commercial Loan Origination streamlines, tracks, and controls the entire commercial lending origination process by automating information gathering, underwriting, risk assessment, approval, document preparation, and loan booking tasks. As the fully integrated front-end of the AFS Straight-Through Processing business model, the system creates efficiencies through its built-in workflow management logic and systems connectivity capabilities. Customer …

AFS Commercial Real Estate

AFS Commercial Real Estate offers fully integrated origination, servicing, information reporting, and securitization. This straight-through processing capability reduces manual data collection and errors, improves risk management and control, and increases customer satisfaction and retention. AFS’ integrated lending platform enables standardization of policies, processes, and procedures across the enterprise for consistency and control from application through …

AFS Business Intelligence

AFS Business Intelligence provides performance metrics on your credit process, your pricing tactics, the quality of your data, or to take an in-depth, analytical look at your loan metrics, as well as best practices analysis and reporting capabilities that can transform your business.