Unleash the power of your private investment data

Mission Statement

Revolutionising how data is acquired, analysed and reported within the alternative investment sector. The Accelex SaaS platform has been developed to simplify the demanding workflow requirements of investors and their asset servicers.


Accelex is a data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution for investors and asset servicers. Using a unique blend of natural language processing, machine vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence our solution automates the typically manual and time intensive process of validating data from hard-to-access documents.


Boasting a range of tangible benefits the Accelex SaaS solution reduces the cost of acquiring and analysing data from a plethora of document types (50-70% reduction). Transforming the workflow completion from ‘months’ to ‘days’ utilising our proprietary automation software. A much more efficient means of data analysis whilst drastically increasing accuracy, auditability and scalability.


Accelex is a start up FinTech, incorporated in 2018, headquartered in London, with offices and personnel globally in: New York, Toronto, Luxembourg and Paris.

The Accelex founders have a wealth of related industry experience with several successful exits from other businesses.



The focus of Accelex is to mainstream the use of artificial intelligence and automation software within the private markets eco system. As the alternative investments market has grown over the past few years so too have the demands of those operating within. Our proprietary technology can serve this fast pace and high demanding industry by completely revolutionising the way in which data from thousands of investment and transactional documents are analysed and reported on.


To become the leading provider of automation technology within the industry and to expand within other industries.

Accelex, the data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution that is revolutionising the demanding workflow requirements of investors and asset servicers. Utilising proprietary AI and ML technology it is our vision to alter the way data is validated and reported on. Unleash the power of your private investment data with Accelex Technology.


Michael Aldridge, President and Chief Revenue Officer:
– C-Level practitioner in FinTech data and analytics
– 2 successful exits (CoreOne to IHS Markit 2015; Expand Research to BCG 2011)

Franck Vialaron, CEO and Founder:
– Founded Expand Research (successful exit to BCG 2015)
– FinTech expertise spanning 20+ years

Nicole Weder, Chief Product Officer and Founder:
– Portfolio Manager at leading European investors
– Senior Alternative investment professional

Key Customers

Fund of Funds, Private Investments, Alternative Investments, GPs, LPs