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Nithya Mahesh
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AMLOCK - Anti Money Laundering & Fraud Detection Solution

AMLOCK, the Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Detection solution, streamlines Customer Due Diligence, facilitates Transaction monitoring and Investigation operations of your organization. It addresses the AML compliance requirements of Banks, Insurance companies, Brokerages, Asset Management Companies and Money Service Businesses, and enables them to file Compliance Reports.   Being browser based, it provides the user …


Altimis is a superior, robust and functionally rich system aimed at the wealth management, stockbroking and clearing market.  Altimis offers a fully integrated, highly flexible, and straight through approach to all aspects of the investment process.  With its single database and extensive suite of configurable rules, Altimis can deliver high levels of STP whilst allowing …

Application Maintenance & Support

To assist companies in an increasingly competitive market, 3i Infotech offers client-centric Application Maintenance & Support for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management systems. 3i Infotech’s product and services capabilities enable companies in all sectors to improve business processes, financial performance and facilitate companywide management information.

Application Modernisation Services

Changing business models pose a universal challenge for organizations across the globe trying to re-align their systems and processes. Today’s competitive world demands flexibility and agility in response to business opportunities. Ready-to-deploy packages compel organizations to compromise with vendor offerings than meet with their own requirements. Given today’s rapidly evolving technology environment, enterprises need to …

AWACS-Exchange Surveillance System

Ensure effective surveillance of capital markets  Exchanges and regulators constantly strive to meet one of today’s most difficult challenges – that of effective supervision of the dynamic capital markets. Any transaction or behavior, be it buying, selling or instigating in a manner to willfully produce an abnormal effect on prices, goes against the very fundamental …