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Wilshire Atlas
The Wilshire Atlas delivers the only complete global equity portfolio management analytic solution to meet the rigorous demands of today’s investor. Here are a few of its key features and benefits: Analysts, portfolio managers and client relations staff can choose either Brinson-style (group-based) or multi-factor...
Wilshire Abacus
Abacus offers a complete performance measurement and investment accounting system, offering computation of AIMR/GIPS compliant daily performance values, automated bank reconciliation at month-end, automated DTC interface, and extensive database query and report writing capabilities.
Wilshire Axiom
Axiom provides a complete suite of Global Fixed Income portfolio analysis tools including Performance Attribution, Risk, Forecasting and Optimisation, now including Credit Funds. Axiom provides access to a Global Fixed Income database of characteristics and analytical measures for over 1,000,000 global securities.
Wilshire iQuantum
The Wilshire iQuantum is an integrated performance measurement, performance attribution and risk management solution for multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolios.
Wilshire IQComposite
The Industry Standard for Composite Creation and Reporting Wilshire iQCompositeSM is an integrated set of composite creation and reporting tools designed to support GIPS® compliance. A flexible rules-based composite wizard facilitates the creation of composites and ensures all portfolios are represented by composites. The...