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PM1e Portfolio Management Basic
Provides portfolio valuation and performance calculation for current and historical values and key figures. Portfolios can include any valuable goods. Structured products can be deconstructed according to various criteria using a powerful unbundling function. Supports individual fee models.
PM1e Investment Proposal System
Provides full support for the investment proposal generation process at the point of sales. Allows the front office to quickly create customized investment proposals tailored to clients' personal circumstances and risk profiles. Supports the creation of reports and records for future review.
PM1e Benchmark & Performance/Risk Attribution
Tool for detailed, real-time evaluation of investment performance and risks. Compare investments to custom benchmarks and helps attribute and evaluate differences in performance and risk. Extensions for Performance Attribution, Risk Attribution, Value-at-Risk, and Efficient Frontier.
PM1e Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Collect and access all relevant client data in one place. Contact Manager for address and activity administration. Document Management for straight-forward document repository capabilities. Analysis for dynamic and individual reporting across the client base.
PM1e Risk Engine
Offers a wide range of analytical functionalities for a sophisticated risk management: Value-at-Risk calculations and Monte Carlo simulations; Scenarios & Simulations for interest rate curves, stock indices and FX rates; and Structured Products for modeling complex structured financial products