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DbArchive - electronic document storage technology
DbArchive is tightly integrated into all the major Accounting and ERP systems - an enterprise-wide document imaging and management system that boosts productivity and significantly reduces costs.
Document management software & business automation solutions
V1 Ltd is a global provider of document management software and other business automation solutions. Our recently expanded product suite includes: document management systems, professional services automation and learning & training management software.
DbCapture - automated invoice processing system
DbCapture enables automated data capture by using advanced OCR technology. DbCapture, which tightly integrates into all major accounting and ERP systems, allows organisations to automate the processing of financial documents such as supplier invoices, purchase orders and remittance advices.
DbAuthorise - electronic authorisation system
DbAuthorise enables the electronic authorisation of business documents such as purchase orders and supplier invoices. with DbAuthorise, printing-out and signing documents for approval are eliminated, cutting-out the paper chase whilst providing a comprehensive audit trail.
DbMail - automated delivery solution
DbMail enables the automated electronic delivery of business documents eliminating the costly and time-consuming postage of documents.
DbForm - electronic form design solution
DbForm is an enterprise-wide laserforms solution which automatically prints high quality business documents directly from core business applications onto plain paper, eliminating the need for pre-printed stationery. Benefits include cost savings, improved productivity and enhanced company image.