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Custom Software Development
EffectiveSoft corporation is a first-rate US company providing custom software development services in major industries: fintech, healthcare and logistics. ES have extensive expertise in the trending technologies IoT, BI, virtual reality, AI, blockchain.
Trading Software
EffectiveSoft makes its priority to provide clients with all the latest desktop and web trading software solutions. The company has considerable expertise in trading mobile applications, cryptocurrency solutions, algorithmic trading software, stock trading, software security, etc.
Enterprise Software Development
EffectiveSoft offers custom enterprise software services to businesses ranging from small to large enterprises. The company is highly experienced in providing competitive solutions such as ERP systems, document management, CRM, data storage, financial software.
Custom Applications Development
Having 20-year experience in custom application development, EffectiveSoft has finished numerous successful projects for mobile, web and desktop applications. The ES technological prowess is proved by using the latest trends such as BI, AI, blockchain, major Android an iOS techs and frameworks.
Financial Software Development Company
EffectiveSoft delivers professional cost-competitive financial software development services creating safe and proven IT ecosystems. They include trading, investment, banking, analytics solutions, risk management, etc. The company successfully implements the latest tech trends - blockchain, BI, IoT.