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Trading System, Order Management System, Execution
FlexTRADER is the global leading EMS for equities, options, FX, futures and fixed income. FlexONE is our new technology multi-asset OEMS for firms that care about trade automation and high volume performance. We specialize in customization and quantified execution improvements through data analysis.
A quantitatively enriched trading and OMS that encompasses all facets of Algorithmic Trading. Trusted globally by hedge funds & buy/sell-side, it empowers these firms to seek and directly access sources of liquidity across a fragmented marketplace that provides incomparable robustness and speed.
A global futures trading platform that provides access to major futures exchanges through a broker neutral platform. With industry leading speed and quantitative capabilities, enables implementation of sophisticated trading strategies including butterfly trading, spreads, index arbitrage and iceberg strategies.
FlexOptions is a trading and risk analysis suite. This system allows real time analysis of market option prices, implied volatilities and the 'greeks'. Rules-based strategies provide algorithmic executions with broker neutral execution via FIX. Choice of pricing models including Black-Scholes and CRR tree models.
FlexFX helps minimize market impact, transaction costs and risk exposure, with an array of tools for implementing intelligent trading strategies, including user-defined analytics for real time, quantitative trading and order management. The system also operates as a real time, risk management tool.