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mySP Compliance
Helps you to improve the engagement, control and oversight of your compliance, enabling you to implement a robust operational framework to meet all your regulatory requirements. Built for your Office 365 platform, so you can deploy a purpose built compliance intranet to all staff quickly and easily.
mySP Control Room
For Compliance Officers, Auditors and Senior Management. Manage core control room functions such as monitoring or audit programmes, regulatory reporting, and regulatory change. Monitoring, Reporting, Case & Complaint Management, Document Library, Risk Register, Projects, Controlled External Access.
mySP Control Desk
Makes compliance functions and the firm’s current policies / procedures accessible to all staff, enabling them to sign declarations and to view and submit disclosures, G&E, and personal trading. Policy & Procedure Library, Staff Declarations, G&E, Personal Disclosures, Personal Account Dealing.
Providing robust controls and record keeping to meet any Client Due Diligence or anti-money laundering requirements during on-boarding or ongoing account servicing activities. Centralised Due Diligence, Standard Templates, Robust Evidence & Audit Trails, Account & Evidence Reviews, Risk Management.
mySP Compliance Dashboards
Captures all of the activity data and KPIs from your mySP Compliance system and presents them to you in fully interactive graphical reports, allowing you to perform powerful business intelligence analysis on your compliance operations. Interactive Dashboards, Business Intelligence Reporting.