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Migrating legacy systems to open source-based platforms
For 22 yrs Metasite has been providing full-cycle software applications and platforms development and support services to financial industry clients in UK, Switzerland and Northern Europe. We specialise in open source tech (Java, node.js, Angular, React, MongoDB), + .NET. Excellent City references.
Product and marketing information portals based on Drupal
We help leading asset management firms, insurance companies and banking institutions get rid of legacy licensing costs by migrating their product and marketing information websites and portals to secure and compliant enterprise-grade open source tech (Drupal) based platforms. References available.
Bespoke insurance customer self-service platforms
Our team has been producing and supporting bespoke online insurance customer self-service platforms and insurance customer information portals since 2002, helping optimize costs by using enterprise-ready open source technologies. Clients include ERGO and RSA Group companies. References available.
Custom application development for financial sector clients
Extensive experience in developing financial applications utilizing open-source tech: Java (Java EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JSR-286/Liferay, Activiti, GWT, Spring Data, Querydsl), PHP (Symfony, Sonata, Drupal, CakePHP, Zend), Python (Django, Pyramid, Flask), UI (Angular.js, Meteor, jQuery...)
User experience (UX) design for financial applications
For over a decade Metasite UX design team has been helping financial sector clients construct new and improve existing user experiences for a variety of digital products, services and tools – ranging from public websites and consumer apps to enterprise portals and data-heavy business applications.