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QLAdmin | Policy Administration System
Complete life, health and annuity policy administration serving the entire policy lifecycle. Key features include built-in document engine, accounting integration, full valuation, and third-party integrations. QLAdmin is a proven and reliable solution with US-based development and technical support.
QLAdmin | Medicare Supplement Ins Claims Auto-Adjudication
Out-of-the-box support for all plans in every state for Parts A and B. Process claims 24/7 without interfering with other system functionality or policy processing. Integration with claims consolidators, agency onboarding, payment systems, and new business sales tools create an end-to-end platform.
QLAdmin | Health Claims Adjudication Module
Health claims adjudication for individual and worksite product administration. Process and validate service details for each coverage element and plan dependent, along with submitted/paid data and benefit parameters. Adjustor levels ensure oversight and review for claim payments. ICD-10 compliant.
QLAdmin | Reinsurance Module
Support for multiple treaties in a multi-company environment. Accommodate all details/rules of a treaty, and create different requirements for base plans, riders, coinsurance allowances, and retained/ceded minimums. Info is displayed at the policy level with history. Manual exceptions allowed.
QLAdmin | Agent and Policyholder Web Portals
Agents have on-demand access to their business and that of their subagents. Policyholders have access to all policies for which they are an owner. Administrative features enable control over information displayed, documents provided for download, formatting features and user administration.