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Trapets AB specializes in transaction surveillance and compliance technology solutions and today ranks as one of Europe’s most experienced independent providers. Our expertise ranges from systems design, implementation and support through to expert consulting and training. Trapets' solutions are based on the third-generation surveillance and compliance platform InstantWatch. With an ever-increasing degree of regulation in financial markets comes the need for expert advice and competence to design and build systems that meet compliance objectives and budgets. Trapets delivers this advice and design on-premise or as Trapets-hosted services. Financial organizations and Regulatory Authorities throughout the world use InstantWatch Market for market surveillance and compliance, AML for Anti Money Laundering and terrorist finance surveillance and KYC for Know Your Customer screening.

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InstantWatch Market Surveillance
InstantWatch Market is a cost effective, real time data analysis application that meets the compliance needs of the most demanding financial institutions. Designed as a powerful tool to help eliminate market abuse and fraud the system analyses data to uncover and present hidden patterns. Both regulatory requirements and internal directives can...
InstantWatch AML, Anti Money Laundering
InstantWatch AML is a cost effective and flexible customer, account and transaction monitoring solution that meets today’s complex regulatory and payment challenges.  Designed specifically for a financial organisation’s compliance team the system automatically identifies suspicious activity, transactions, and transaction patterns...
Outsourced Trading Surveillance
With an increasing range of financial instruments being offered, trading is becoming more and more complex. The market structure has also become more variable and complicated and the volumes of transactions have increased sharply. At the same time the obligation has increased for the firms to monitor their trading activities in order to...
InstantWatch KYC Screening - sanctions, Ofac and PEP lists
InstantWatch KYC Screening is a web based service offered by Trapets AB and is part of the InstantWatch family of compliance surveillance products. The service enables financial organisations to cost effectively manage their client on-boarding processes and ensure compliance to regulatory requirements. InstantWatch KYC Screening enables...
InstantWatch CDD (Client Due Diligence)
InstantWatch CDD is a flexible system used for onboarding new clients as well as ongoing due diligence. It allows companies to automate the client due diligence process while at the same time mitigate the risk of being used for money laundering or terrorist financing. InstantWatch CDD