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Bank Communication and Treasury Automation Solutions
Axletree's Cash and Liquidity Management solution features a configurable and easy-to-use interface that can automate routine transactions, reconcile balances and forecast cash positions in real time. Modules include: Cash Reporting, Forecasting, Funds Transfer, Bank Fee Analysis, e-BAM and more.
SWIFT: Connectivity - Service Bureau - Consulting
One of the top 5 SWIFT Service Bureaus in the world, offering Banks & Corporations a powerful bank connectivity solution with the largest team of certified experts. Our SWIFT Consulting Services team designs, implements, upgrades and provides on-going maintenance of the infrastructure.
TreasurYtree Treasury Management Solution
Our solution creates a centralized treasury hub providing the following modules: Cash Forecasting, Cash Management, Funds Processing, eBAM, Bank Fee Analysis & Reconciliation and Debts and Investments. All this helps you reduce costs, cash & system resources and manage your liquidity.
Core Banking
Axletree offers Synergy, a complete core banking suite through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. When added with Axletree's SWIFT service offerings, it gives the dual benefit of SWIFT connectivity & a complete core banking platform through a single point of contact for Banking institutions.
Regulatory Compliance
Axletree's Regulatory Compliance solutions offer an integrated way to meet compliance requirements by allowing you to automatically filter and review customer transactions for sanctioned party violations and detect suspicious activity. Comply to cover: OFAC, FinCEN 314A, AML, KYC and CDD
Message Transformation and Integration
Axletree's Message Transformation and Integration solution tackles the challenge of message communication between SWIFT and an organization's internal systems.