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Risk Shell: risk and portfolio management for fund of funds
Risk Shell is a SaaS analytical platform for risk & portfolio management of hedge fund of funds & multi-asset portfolios: *Asset selection *Portfolio construction & optimization *Peer Group Analysis *Stochastic simulation & stress testing *Style analysis *Shadow accounting *CRM *Due Diligence tools
Quant Style Analysis
Quant Style Analysis (QSA) offers return-based style analysis that incorporate multivariate factor analysis techniques combined with the Trend Segmentation™ framework. QSA includes Static and Dynamic regression analysis, factor stress testing, dynamic frame optimization and many more.
Quant Screen
Quant Screen offers a broad choice of selecting investment funds over hundreds of quantitative and qualitative criteria. It also includes Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™ engine capable of identifying best performing assets under given macroeconomic models.
Quant Peer Group Analysis
Quant Peer Group analysis is the only application that offers a multi-dimensional peer group analysis over hundreds of available risk statistics simultaneously. Asset data feed includes over 80,000 instruments (hedge funds, FoF, ETFs, open-/closed-end funds etc.)
Quant FlexiRank™
Quant FlexiRank™ component facilitates creating custom ranking criteria for investment funds (hedge funds, ETFs, FoF, open-/closed-end funds). The available library of ranking statistics includes hundreds of risk-return metrics derived from historical return series and/or distribution of returns .