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Website Design & Development
We create best-of-breed websites that act as marketing devices and business tools themselves at our London office. Open source technology means unlimited users and no limit to content for your company at no extra cost. With a in-house developers and designers we won't outsource your project.
Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO & PPC
People want to interact with your brand through many digital platforms today, which is difficult and expensive for you to manage. We will draw upon substantial data and personal experience in order to develop an effective socially-shared, content-driven and search-optimised campaign for you.
Digital Transformation
Business and organisational activities can all now be digitised in a way never before possible. 3B Digital will give you guidance, data security and employee support throughout the process of becoming a fully digital firm, so that you and your company can concentrate on the future.
E-Learning or Employee Learning Platforms
Global companies must ensure that a. their employees understand their brand values, b. new employees provide a return asap and c. internal knowledge is shared around. We build complex, intuitive and rewarding employee learning tracks so that it's effortless to teach staff what they need to know.
Enterprise Grade Content Management Systems
3B Digital will build you an enterprise-grade website with the same technology behind whitehouse.gov and the economist.com websites. With editorial workflows, user permissions, and a whole host of custom integrations, you will have an easy to use, secure and future-proof content management system.