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Financial product execution,distribution,trade processsing
FinIQ is a market leader in the financial products distribution space. We offer 1) liquidity links for FX and equity OTC and notes, 2) sales and trader workflow for bonds, FX cash, OTC and structured products, 3) cross-asset post trade life cycle,4) suitability, collateral, corp actions, 5) pricing
FinIQ Treasury & Structured Products Solutions
FinIQ Group provides distribution systems for treasury and structured products allowing efficient pricing, trading and post trade management. Example products include Dual Currency Deposits, ELNs, Basket Linked Notes, FX & Eq Accumulators, Target Redemption Notes, Range Accruals, Exotic Options/Strips, etc.
FinIQ Wealth Management
Private and Retail Wealth Management platform for client onboarding, portfolio, valuation, order management, trade processing, payments, accounting; Supports all asset classes, cash & derivatives instruments. Functions: Product catalogues, reverse inquiry, fact-sheets, recommendations, sales performance, revenue, limit orders, order pooling,...
FinIQ FXO/EQD/OTC/Notes Multi-Dealer Platform
Multi-dealer trading platform aimed at wealth and private banking products and to be used directly by RMs. Products include FXO, DCI, Barriers, Strategies, ELN, Reverse Convertibles, DRA, FCN, Accumulator, Decumulator. Suppliers include ten leading market makers. Includes integration with bank's core systems, client database, suitability checks,...
FinIQ for Structuring - User Configured Products (UCP)
A toolkit and transaction processing system to allow bank's structurers to launch new products within matter of hours including support for order management, pooling, trade capture, documentation, settlements, coupons, fixings, redemptions, accounting, transfers, splits, deliveries, MTM, simulations, scenario analysis, payoff language, product...