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Gmarkets Pilot Capital Markets Service
Our flagship product PILOT, is a real-time desktop workstation for financial professionals delivering global fixed income data 24 hours a day via the Internet. Our customizable desktop brings the world's leading sources of FI data to a singular platform for ease of access. Includes an RTD to Excel.
GMarkets Direct Data Feed
Gmarkets Direct Data Feed brings our high quality real-time content to you in digital format.Our Gmarkets Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to accurately integrate our feed with your proprietary and off-the-shelf applications effectively and quickly.
Excel Real Time Data (RTD)
Excel Real Time Data (RTD) is an interface to Excel. It provides users a method of using real-time data in Excel. Excel RTD technology is a fast, reliable & robust means of receiving/contributing data from Excel RTD excels at processing volatile, fast moving data, such as live bond prices and FX.
White Label Solutions
As markets become more volatile, clients expect to trade in seconds. Demand has increased for real-time content & interactive services, both internally & externally. Increased volumes have added to the problem. We enable speedy deployment of secure, robust technology without the wait or big budgets.
GMarkets Open Source Platorm
OS Platform is a scalable, multicast design for open source software. Based on a Linux OS, our platform delivers the ability to integrate feeds & apps using standard or proprietary protocols, distribute data within the local environment & via a Gateway over the Internet to remote installations.